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Welcome to Pilot For Hire

I will shortly introduce myself. My name is Christian van der Meij and I live in the Netherlands in a town called Hengelo near the German border. My current profession is software engineer. As a child I always wanted to be a pilot, it’s my biggest passion. In the past glasses where not allowed in the cockpit only by flight engineers. So I studied at a technical school to become a flight engineer and a cockpit crew member.

When I was ready and passed my examen this profession came to an end. Meanwhile pilots wearing glasses were allowed. I didn’t want to lean financially on my parents to start a pilot career, so became a photojournalist instead. After an introduction lesson in 2006 which I got from my mother as a birthday present I started with my PPL course. I obtained my PPL license in less than six months time. There was a hunger for more.

In July 2007 I graduated for my theoretical part of my ATPL and in July 2008 I have completed the practical part. As you can see on this site my hobby has grown into something bigger. At this moment I am looking for a job in the air…if you know someone or something…please let me know!! I am also available to act as an volunteer pilot for disaster relief, air bridges or humanitarian aid. Why I want a pilot job so desperately? I can use just one word and that is passion. Forgot to mention, my start date is yesterday.

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