Annual proficiency flight, a good 2012 starter

10 JANUARY 2012, INFLIGHT / GERMANY – After a brilliant hint of a aviation friend (flight school friend) of mine I decided to go to Germany to do my annual check ride MEP + ME-IR. The costs of this check flight were significant lower than if I had done this in The Netherlands, but that was not the most decisive factor. A high level of professionalism was the main consideration, Germans are famous for this fact. 

After making an appointment in december I went yesterday (10th of January) to RWL in Möngengladbach, the largest flight school in Germany. My check pilot (Gunnar Hasse) is a so called true aviator with lots of experience up his pilot sleeve, check his website here. He filled the flight plan and in the mean time I did the pre flight checks of the aircraft (Piper Seminole PA-44). The Seminole was fully equipped and in super shape, a really nice bird.  


The planned route for the check flight: EDLN (Möngengladbach), ELDV (Niederrhein) back to EDLN. This flight even got his own flight number like a real commercial operator! I never have seen this before in general aviation. Another clue of professionalism. Our flight number for this flight was RWL2644.

The flight in summary : 

Off blocks : 11:05 UTC
Take off time : 11:18 UTC
ABODU 1N Departure Air work, steep turns and stalls Radar vectors to EDLV EDLV ILS 27 Approach Radar vectors EDLN EDLN VOR 31 Approach Full stop
Landing time : 12:02 UTC
On blocks : 12:15 UTC  

Exceptionally for January the weather was fine, no turbulence and calm winds. Although the morning was foggy but it dissolved quickly. Everything went smooth and the atmosphere was relaxed, enjoyable is the exact word. I know were I am going next year for my annual proficiency check flight….

Links : GFL Aviation & RWL / German Flight Academy