Another IFR (self) training flight to EDDG

10 JULI 2011, INFLIGHT – On this trip I took along for the first time my new camera the Rollei Action Cam 100 to record some cockpit (wide) shots. You can use this camera also outside the aircraft because it is water resistant to 100ft. I haven’t found a way to mount it though. In total I used three camera’s to shoot this footage (the Rollei, a JVC Hd handycam and a Iphone4). I also tested my new cable to record the ATC conversations. 

In my opinion this is a nice gear set up to document the flight for a amateur. Non-aviation addicted people can now enjoy my pilot-world. I just have to start the camera’s before off-blocks and turn the off at on-blocks, so my flight doesn’t suffer from attention…..aviate, navigate, communicate.

Airnav Pro, the Ipad / Iphone app was also onboard. I took it along to run some tests during real flight, I must say that I am really impressed with this app. It’s also a nice flight recorder to review the flight later with Google Earth.

Rest me to say…..enjoy the ride!

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