FAA instrument rating

MAY 2012, INFLIGHT – You never to old to learn and for sure this is applicable in aviation too. I went to the US to do my FAA IR, to become dual instrument rated. You almost can say that aviation is invented there. It’s is a lot easier to get assistance and people are more willing to help you through the application process. I combined this trip with a family visit.

The airport was only a five minute drive from my family’s house. The flying rates are also great, almost not imaginable for Europeans. No airway fees, no handling costs and no landing fees. It’s an aviator’s heaven. And not to forget….the people are far more friendlier.

All I had to do because I am already holding a JAA instrument rating was a written tests and a proficiency test. I studied a lot for the written test in the pas month, you have to find the differences between the FAA and the JAA rules. This was sometimes difficult. After I have succeeded both I went to the FSDO to get it officially documented. The people who work there are also friendly and really willing to help you. This is the total opposite what I am used from the Dutch CAA / KIWA. 

Future plans…I already started with the theoretical part of the FAA Commercial Pilot License. This year I go back to the US and do the tests.Again a written test and a proficiency test. I really looking forward to do my FAA Commercial. Stay tuned.