Ferry flight TBM850

05 FEBRUARY 2012, INFLIGHT – I was invited to come along on a ferry flight to pick up the privately owned TBM850. On the date of flight the winter weather conditions were nearly perfect. This was the first time that I took place on “a jump seat” and I enjoyed the ride. Finally time to look outside and enjoy the landscape with it’s frozen lakes. The TBM850 is driven by a powerful single engine turbine, a strong PT6. The normal cruise altitude is FL300 and flies like rocket trough the sky with 300 kts. It may be operated single pilot.

At 1200 UTC we picked up the TB-20 and after warming it up we took off at 1230 UTC at EDWN (Nordhorn, Germany). All portions that day were flow VFR, and it was really VFR+ weather. At EHBD (Budel/Kempen Airport) we took some time to drink our daily portion of coffee before pre flighting the TBM850. At 1359 our wheels lost contact with the ground and the TBM850 climbed with 2000 ft/min to it’s final altitude of 5500ft. The TB-20 just departed 5 minutes before we did.

At 1433 UTC the wheels touched the earth again at EDDG (Münster Osnabrück), so the total flight time for this leg was only 34 minutes. The TB-20 arrived 5 minutes after our arrival, all the way we saw this plane on TCAS 1900 ft below us and overtook it just 15 minutes before approaching EDDG. The TBM is based here and sleeps in a hanger at this regional airport. The final leg of day was going back to EDWN were the TB-20 is based. After a real debriefing with Weizenbier, Speci and Schnitzel this nice flying day came to a end. Hopefully I meet the TBM850 soon again…..what a nice plane.