IFR training trip

MARCH 2012, INFLIGHT – I was asked to come along on a ‘IFR training’ trip with a fellow Aero Club Twente member Alex. We departed from EDWN (Nordhorn) and picked up IFR clearance to fly to Paderborn (EDLP) IFR. It was a nice ride with a large portion flying on top. I always enjoy the moment of breaking through the clouds and the moment skimming the clouds.

 After that we dove into IMC conditions again and flew a ILS approach into EDLP. EDLP is a nice regional airport like EDDG (FMO). After a short (lunch) break we departed and flew VFR to EHBD (Budel). The last portion I flew the Socata TB-20 (Trinidad GT) VFR back to EDWN.

The Socata TB-20 is a very fast single engine prop. It cruises around 160 kts! This aircraft was also seen on a earlier movie I shot when we picked up the TBM850.