Major accident Grolsch Veste / Twente Stadium

7 JULI 2011, INFLIGHT / ENSCHEDE – Aerial photo’s and footage of accident Grolsch Veste / Twente Stadium in Enschede home of FC Twente, The Netherlands. Several people were injured after the roof of Twente stadium collapses and two people died. The roof collapsed when two supporting beams failed during work to build an additional tier for the stadium.

Several ambulances had arrived at the stadium, while a trauma helicopter was on its way. The train station had been closed to make sure all help units can arrive at the place of the accident. 

FC Twente won the Dutch soccer title in 2010, and was the second-placed side last season. It also competed in the UEFA Champions League, European soccer’s top competition, last season. The stadium, called De Grolsch Veste, opened in 1998 with a capacity of 24,000 people. It was being expanded after FC Twente’s recent success.